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Hello again! I thought it would be nice to do another one of these, especially since this was a more recent one and is a bit topical.

Cheetah Kid! (Fighters)
About a year ago, I was curious as to how the M.U.G.E.N engine worked, and began concepting a fighting game for Cheetah Kid! to work with the engine. The result was a game with the place holder title of "Cheetah Kid!: Fighters". It was supposed to be an ever-updating game that would add characters and storylines as the comic went on. However, with how long Dancing with Wolves was taking I deemed that this kind of game would not work. I instead changed it to be a game that went through all the fights in season 1, or at least be updated every 5 arcs (there are 20 arcs in a season). The main appeal I found form this engine was the ability to have REAL 2v2/2v1/1v2 fights. Not just taking turns and switching out (though that is also an option), but you could actually have more than two fighters on screen at the same time. This obviously appealed to me because of the fight scene with Cheetah Kid and Token against Wolfina, and some other fights to come.

The Story Fights

Since there's really only about 1 fight an arc if any, I decided to exaggerate certain scenes and make them into fights. As of how far the story is, this is the list of fights:
1. Cheetah Kid V.S Pal
2. Cheetah Kid V.S Rodney
3. Wolfina V.S Eclipse
4. Token(main) and Cheetah Kid (AI) V.S Wolfina
5. Cheetah Kid(main) and Token(AI) V.S Wolfina [This was the training scene]
6. Wolfina V.S McBoom

As you can see, about half of these fights weren't ACTUALLY fights. Admittedly, I could have just start the story off with Cheetah Kid's fight with Rodney since it'd be as easy of a first fight as you can get, but I liked the idea of setting off the idea that Cheetah Kid and Pal had a sort of rivalry.

Cheetah Kid! Hero's Tourney
At some point, I later changed my mind and decided to go with the usual Arcade-esque story mode. Instead of going through the story, each character would have their own little story and fight random fighters until they got to the boss level. I am unsure weather or not it would be against a specific fighter for each, or they'd all end up fighting a villain made for the sake of the game. I'm not sure if I ever went back to this game that I would use this idea, but I think I'll keep the title regardless.

The Roster
When I said the game would add fighters as it went along, I mean it would add EVERY fighter that showed up in the comic. If a character ever lifted a finger or were even IMPLIED to be able to fight, they would be in the game. Medic Man, for example, was concepted to be put in the game as well despite being a minor character that is never seen fighting (though that could always change). Different Variants of the characters would be added as well. For example, Cheetah Kid (Rookie) would be a separate character than Cheetah Kid. Even Random Henchmen/Women would be put in the game, though I can't imagine putting too much detail in their character. Of course, I eventually determined that this would be an un-realistic idea due to how long it takes just to make one character.
But alas, Cheetah Kid  was the only one who I made sprites for, and even then I didn't make many. I often re-did his sprites because I would stop working on the game for months, then suddenly want to work on it again.
Cheetah Kid (Rookie) Stance 006 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid (Rookie) Stance 005 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid (Rookie) Stance 004 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid (Rookie) Stance 003 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid (Rookie) Stance 002 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid (Rookie) Stance 001 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid (Rookie) Stance by CHAOKOCartoons
Cheetah Kid (Rookie)'s original idle sprite. It's a bit inaccurate considering he doesn't have the mask and his shoes are normal but whatever.
Cheetah Kid (Rookie) Idle by CHAOKOCartoons
A concepted Large sprite that never came to be. I had no idea how to make Large sprites into small sprites on that program or if that was even possible. (It was)
Cheetah Kid - Idle by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid - Idle by CHAOKOCartoons
Cheetah Kid's Idle sprite (this one was a bit more recent)
Cheetah Kid - Turn by CHAOKOCartoons
Turning around/detected another enemy. There was an exclamation effect but I don't know where that went.
Cheetah Kid - Crouch by CHAOKOCartoons
There were not any other frames for the last two sprites because the animation was supposed to be like my normal style of animation (AKA the animation used in HP!: The Animated Web Show.
Cheetah Kid - Large Portrait HD by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid - Large Portrait 1 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid - Small Portrait 1 by CHAOKOCartoons
The Portrait sprites. I was unsure if It was a good idea to have a sprite with such a high palette rate could be put into the engine, so I made a pixel version as well. It probably can, but I was just being safe. The small one was for the roster and battle HUD. 

Even more recently, I went back to working on the game and did another sprite set for Kent, but it also was incomplete
Cheetah Kid H.D Idle by CHAOKOCartoons
His original idle sprite (very large because I found out how to downscale the sprites), but I eventually decided that this pose was too hard to work with in terms of moving. Later, I tried again and came up with this:
Cheetah Kid H.D Idle 1 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid H.D Idle 2 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid H.D Idle 3 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid H.D Idle 4 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid H.D Idle 5 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid H.D Idle 6 by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid HD idle by CHAOKOCartoons
Still rather simple, but it looked better than the others.
He was also given updated portraits:
Cheetah Kid Big Portrait by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid Small Portrait by CHAOKOCartoonsCheetah Kid Portrait B by CHAOKOCartoons
Again, larger because they would be shunken down. The 3rd one was the original small portrait, but I decided it wasn't engaging enough and was a bit too small. I also apparently never filled in the white in his eyes Giggle 
Only one stage was made, which was the Hill of a Hero. Originally, it was meant to be very large and with paralax, but I didn't account for the correct sizing. This is what the first version looked like:
Hill of a Hero Stage by CHAOKOCartoons
Later downgrated to:
Hill of a Hero Stagev2 by CHAOKOCartoons
And then finally:
Hill of a Hero Stagev3 by CHAOKOCartoons
In all honesty, as much time as the pixel set took me, I'd like to re-draw it (not in pixel form) to make it the correct size but look like the original.

There was actually a lot of concept for the game, namely towards the design for the health bar. As some of you may know, I have an odd affinity for good HUD designs. If the hud doesn't look good or isn't stylized, I tend to like a game a lot less. So, here are the two that I actually ended up drawing:
HP outside by CHAOKOCartoonsHP Inside by CHAOKOCartoons
The first design I finalized. It was shaped like Kent's tail, but was never given an energy meter. I later made a new one that looked similar to the one in DBZ Budakai, as that is one of my favorite fighting games and is what inspired me to work on this style of fighting game:
Battle Hud A by CHAOKOCartoons

Battle Hud Health by CHAOKOCartoonsBattle Hud Energy by CHAOKOCartoons
This one had both a health bar AND a special meter. The only problem with it was that I didn't divide the energy meter by 3 or put a number indicator next to it to depict the 3 bars it would need. A better version can be seen in this bit of concept, which was made when I started drawing completely digitally:
Cheetah Kid Fighters Radical Concept by CHAOKOCartoons
This was obviously based on the Wolfina V.S Eclipse fight. As you can see, the health bars are pretty much the ones from Budakai. One of the original ideas for the timer, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep that. The "RADICAL!!" was essentially the games "PERFECT". The reason it says radical is because of an inside joke between me and my sister about how one of the combo text's you can get in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a rainbow flavor text that flies to the corner of the screen and says "RADICAL!". We found it really funny at the time, and since then I've used the term frequently in both real life and my games. (and yes, the "RADICAL!!" in this game would also be in rainbow text).

Later on, I actually finished the HUD almost completely. This is what it looked like in game:
Bandicam 2016-01-13 18-09-04-130 by CHAOKOCartoons
Regular (On the Hill of the Hero Stage)

Bandicam 2016-01-13 18-12-43-251 by CHAOKOCartoons
Team (2v1)

Bandicam 2016-01-13 18-13-15-921 by CHAOKOCartoons
Turns (feat. Teams on other side)

Fun Facts
  • Working on this game has actually inspired a lot of the moves the characters use in the comic, or at least made me give them a name and have them used multiple times. McBoom is the biggest example of this.
  • This game was originally intended to be a cross over game of all my creations, and was based on a Spider Man comic where multiple heroes were brought to one place and forced to fight eachother. As you can tell, the story was a bit dark.
  • A lot of ideas for this game came from an old DSi game called "Photo Dojo" where you could take pictures of people (or drawings) and create fighters and arenas. This was what made me think creating a fighting game was possible.
  • Since the game was going to be free, I intended to add Saitama from One Punch Man as a secret guest character. He would be unlocked by getting to round 20 in Survival and fighting him. However, the fight would be almost impossible, as Saitama's HP/Defense would be ridiculously high. And, of course, he can beat any fighter (with the exception of himself) in one punch. 
  • I actually recorded some of the announcer's lines for before a fight started. Unfortunately (and kinda fortunately) those recordings have been lost. The lines read:
"I hope you're ready cause--"
"It's the FINAL match!--"
"WOW! That was RADICAL!!!"
"Round 1--" (these are for survival mode)
"Round 2--"
"Round 3--"
"Round 4--"
"Round 5--"
"Round--ah forget it--"(Round 6)
"Wow, you're still going?!"(Round 10)
"The strongest hero?!"(Round 20, Saitama appears)
"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!"(Round 21, in response to beating Saitama)
What Killed It?
Time, patience, lack of understanding the engine, and Thread Bound/Diggy the Huskey.

Could It Ever Be Revived?
Absolutely! I still have full interest in making this fighting game, I just don't have the time or patience at the moment. I believe I would need some sort of assistance with programming the fighters, maps, and editing certain game modes. I'd also be okay with finishing Kent and the Hill of a Hero stage to be released as a download for M.U.G.E.N itself for anyone to use, and later finishing the game. I also got a much better understanding of the engine, so it's way possible.:) (Smile) 

Welp, that's all there is to know about the game!

SEE YOU LATER! :D (Big Grin) 
D-Rock92 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like it had a lot of promise.

I couldn't even get past the menu screen in MUGEN. Not sure why it couldn't run on my computer.
RioluNation Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016  Student Artist
Something like this certain does take a lot of DETERMINATION. But seriously though, I hope to see this made one day! =D
CrazyRatopia Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016
Wow, lots of stuff to take in here, you really worked this out a bit. Nice!
Glad to hear you intent to finish it one day, it sounds pretty cool.
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