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This journal is the first of many that will be showcasing removed content/ abandoned projects I have put aside over the years. Some of them actually had a lot of concept and work put into them, and I never knew where to put it once it was canceled. Since I'm probably never going to do anything with them, I'll just post them here! So without further adieu, I give you one of the first canceled projects (and probably one of the largest).

(Cheetah Kid!) Pokemon Monarch (and Lavender) Version
Pokemon Pantone and Lavender title2 by CHAOKOCartoons
Pokemon Monarch and Lavender Version was teased with this set of sprites as a voting incentive  for TWC back around the end of First Time Fighter.
It was a Pokemon Ruby Hack featuring the cast of Cheetah Kid and some characters from Diggy the Huskey. The colors of Monarch and Lavender were supposed to represent Kent and Wolfina, as they were the main characters of the game (Kent being the male, Wolfina being the female). If you played as Kent, Wolfina would be your rival. If you played as Wolfina, Kent would be your rival. However, no matter who you played as you would occasionally fight Token along the way. In both playthroughs, Paloma is your Mom and appears in both houses for no explanable reason. The other characters were the Gym Leaders and Elite 4, with the evil organization being "The Nukes" gang (or Team Nuke in this game). In most cases, you would have to fight Clyde and Helena or Bright Eyes as a boss from time to time. The final confrontation, obviously, being the leader of "The Nukes". The Nuke Team Leader sprite had not been finished by the time the project was canceled.
Clyde and Helena by CHAOKOCartoonsBright Eyes by CHAOKOCartoonsEclipse by CHAOKOCartoonsMarcus by CHAOKOCartoonsTasha by CHAOKOCartoonsPaloma by CHAOKOCartoons
Some characters cannot be shown, as they would be spoilers to the actual comic. And yes, you do end up fighting Paloma despite being your mother. She was one of the Elite 4 members.

The first part of the story would have been in comic form, and presented as an actual story arc, eventually leading into the games release. However, I cannot say exactly how it happens because it takes place by the time a certain major plot point is revealed in the comic, and is the only reason this game existed. So, I'll cut out the spoilery bit even though it will seem weird.
Wolfina walks in on Kent and Token battling eachother in Pokemon, and begins taunting them over getting so riled up over a kids game. Kent sasses back by claiming that Wolfina probably couldn't even get past the first half of the game. Wolfina then lashes back by stating that she could beat both of them easily if she actually wanted to play the game. The argument goes back and forth as Token timidly tries to interject. Then, [ENTER SPOILER] and they are ported into their own new game to settle the dispute first hand by having their own adventure and see who can become champion first. Little did they know, many of the people they know are ported into the game to replace and fill the holes of certain NPC's. Along the way, [SAID SPOILER] begins adding things from other games to make things more interesting. This causes the game to malfunction and start adding their villains into the game as well (aka Team Nuke). Team Nuke begins collecting the things [SAID SPOILER] had added to make their way out of the game and destroy the game with the heroes inside. When they combat Nuke Team, it is revealed that Diggy and Ruma had been added to the game to be the Legendary Pokemon, and depending on which version you were playing (or I guess who you were playing as) you would have to beat/catch Diggy or Ruma.
Diggy sprite by CHAOKOCartoonsRuma sprite by CHAOKOCartoons
(Fun Fact: They both actually did have shiny palettes, but I never put it in sprite form. Diggy's was supposed to look like a Shiba Inu with a red hard hat and collar, which was a nod to a scratched DtH character called "Duggy" who was used to test a 2 Player mode. Ruma's was supposed to look like a Black Retriever with a yellow collar, which was a nod to Daisy from Housepets!)
Diggy Back Sprite by CHAOKOCartoonsRuma Back Sprite by CHAOKOCartoons
When you go to fight the champion, it turns out to be Token, who was actually going on his own adventure. This is apparent by when you fight him every now and then. Both Kent and Wolfina were too distracted fighting eachother and stopping Team Nuke to notice that Token had actually beat them at their own competition. Token states that the competition wasn't his to win though, so he allows the player to fight him and try to become champion to truely decide who is better. By this time, your rival has accepted that whoever you are playing as is way better than them, and allows them to fight the champion without any objection.
Token (Champion) by CHAOKOCartoons
(The costume he wears is from an alternate story I made WAAAY back when, where Kent and Wolfina die during the events of Arc 3 and he becomes a far more aggressive vigilante in their memory. Neat right?)

Beside Diggy and Ruma being added to the game, there was also two Eevee-lutions I added to the game because me and my friends thought it would be a cool thing to try. The two were called "Griffeon" (a flying type Eevee) and "Spectreon" (a ghost type Eevee).
RegularGriffeon Sprite by CHAOKOCartoonsSpectreon Sprite by CHAOKOCartoonsShiny Griffeon Sprite by CHAOKOCartoonsShiny Spectreon Sprite by CHAOKOCartoonsShiny
RegularGriffeon Back Sprite by CHAOKOCartoonsSpectrion Back Sprite by CHAOKOCartoonsShiny Griffeon Back Sprite by CHAOKOCartoonsShiny Spectreon Back Sprite by CHAOKOCartoonsShiny
Griffeon icon by CHAOKOCartoonsSpectoreon icon by CHAOKOCartoons
Griffeon would be obtained by using a Sun Stone, and Spectreon would be obtained by using a Moon Stone (Though I think I had problems with that and had to do something else).
If you haven't noticed, Griffeon bares a similar design to Grithake from Thread Bound. This is because I liked it's design so much that I wanted to encorperate it into something else even though I canceled this game. So, Taylor's steed became Gritake.
The description of Spectreon was infamous between me and my friends for how dark it was. There was very few ways we could think of for a living pokemon to suddenly become a ghost, so no matter what the description was always sad. I don't remember what they were exactly, but I know one had to do with the Eevee being neglected and only having the moon as it's companion. In the end, I decided to make it not actually a ghost and instead just very thin with whispy, silky fur that seemed ghost like (+flames).

The Region
This was always in heavy debate with me and my friends. I had the idea to make the entire map Skyblend City, and have the towns just be different districts. However, my friends said that would restrict the game to one look, and all the locations would feel the same. The other idea was to just make it completely new and just call it "Gemini" or "Enropia", though this could have confused readers as to what the world/country actually looked like in the comic.
The starters were also in odd debate when setting them up. They would differ depending on who you were playing as, and your rival's would always depend on who  you were playing as and what would counter theirs. In the end, it got too confusing and I just left it alone to work out later.
The pokemon you could find would be all the ones from gen 1-3. However, most would be from gen 2 as that was my favorite gen. I also considered adding some Fakemon as a joke after [SAID SPOILER] tries to make the game more interesting

What Killed It
There was usually nothing stopping me from making the game, as I had all the time in the world. I would rarely have technical issues, writting was easy, and mapping/scripting wasn't so hard. The thing that killed it was actually the limited Palette. With the lack of orange, it was almost impossible to make Kent's back sprites work right. I would have to make his sprite horridly one-toned, and that couldn't happen. I never got to test Wolfina's, but I'm sure the same would have happened. No matter what I did, I couldn't fix it. With Thread Bound kicking in, I decided it wasn't worth my time anymore and gave up. I don't even have the ROMs on my current laptop, they're on my old laptop and I don't feel like re-getting the tools to show you screenshots.

Could It Ever Be Revived?
I have no intention on continuing this project at the moment, but if I did it wouldn't be a ROM hack. That's way too restricted for my colorful taste. I'd much rather just start from scratch on the GameMaker Engine, I've seen many tutorials and played an actual fan game that was made with the engine. Unfortunately, due to how long that would take me and how many other games I have waiting I don't see myself finding time to make this game. It may forever just be a scrapped idea..

Misc. Content
Cheetah Kid full sprite sheet by CHAOKOCartoons
Cheetah Kid's full sprite sheet
As you can see, the palette was a bit of an issue to get past here. Instead of a bike, Kent and Wolfina were supposed to receive skate boards. This is because of an arc that happens later in the story, but if there's one thing that's stuck in the Cheetah Kid cannon ever since I was 8, it was that Kent loves skateboards.

Wolfina and Token Sprite Sheet by CHAOKOCartoons
Wolfina and Token's sprites
Sadly, I never got around to finishing Wolfina's sprite set. She only has her walking animation, battle sprite, and one frame of her back sprite. This was as many sprites as Token needed, but if I planned to have a section where you use Token in a double battle he may have had a back sprite set.

Youngster by CHAOKOCartoons
Youngster Sprite
The only random trainer sprite I made. We will always remember you random Enro kid... not really.

Monarch-Ruby Title screen by CHAOKOCartoonsMonarch Backround by CHAOKOCartoonsDiggy title by CHAOKOCartoonsMonarch Version by CHAOKOCartoons

Monarch Version Custom Title Screen Art.
While this may look like a bunch of jumbled nonsense, it actually formed the title screen of the game, AND IT LOOKED REALLY COOL! It was by far the best thing I designed in that game, I wish I could get a screen shot/gif of it.
The sunset actually wasn't in the Ruby Hack of Monarch Version. The game was originally going to be a Fire Red hack, but due to complications it couldn't be done. Either way, that one looked really cool too.

Fido Fetchum by CHAOKOCartoons
Fido Fetchum Secret Boss
For those of you who remember my "ParodyPets!" Housepets comic edits, Fido Fetchum was a meme I created in the Housepets! forums because I thought a stance he made in one of the strips looked like he was a pokemon trainer. He was planned to be the "Trainer Red" of the game, and could be fought after becoming the champion.  This also implies that Karishad (and Possibly Sabrina) could  have also been added as Fakemon for the sake of this fight, but could not be caught.

Taylor by CHAOKOCartoons
Taylor Secret(?) Boss
I had plans to add Taylor into the game, but I forget if he was going to be a secret boss, gym leader, or elite 4 member. I know he is one of the characters that is warped into the game when [SAID SPOILER] tries to make it more interesting. Fun Fact: Thread Bound's begining of development was another major reason this game was canceled.

Chaoko indexed by CHAOKOCartoonsEmerald Boy by CHAOKOCartoonsFabien by CHAOKOCartoonsLorenzo by CHAOKOCartoons
Developers/Friends Secret Bosses
As a thanks to my friends to their support, I was going to have a "Developer Room" where you could try and challenge me and my friends.

Welp, that's all I have on this game besides the actual playable ROMs. But again, I don't feel like searching my old laptop to hand them out or give screenshots. It actually looked really good and unique, but you'll just have to take my word.


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D-Rock92 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude, this looked like it could have been really cool! But I have heard of other hackers having issues with limited color palettes. Also, I notice that nearly all GBA Pokémon hacks use Ruby. Did the tool developer just say "screw it, not making one for the other version, with is essentially the same"?

Also, Fido would have been quite the surprise boss, like how Red was in the original Gold/Silver.
CHAOKOCartoons Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah, with how colorful the cast of Cheetah Kid! is, it was almost impossible to maintain the palette count. This was only a problem with the trainer sprites, as each pokemon has their own palette. There were ways of changing the palette, but that often threw off some of the other sprite's palettes and it would be too much of a mess for me to deal with.

Yeah, Ruby was the easiest of the games to hack apparently, but the tool kit still MOSTLY works for the other games. For some reason, it can barely process Saphire, but it can manage Emerald pretty well. The only problem with that is some functions of Emerald (like the pokemon animations) are a bit hard to work around if you are trying to add or remove certain pokemon.
Fire Red can be used with the tool, but has many things that can't be changed. Without knowing this, you could accidentally create a file breaking glitch that ruins all progress you have made.
I'm sure there ARE other hacking tools for some of the games (I think I saw a Diamond hack once) but the main set is pretty universal so people just kinda go with it.
D-Rock92 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I once played a bit of a Ruby hack, Pokémon Snakewood. It's not entirely complete, pretty hard, got boring after a bit, but it was an interesting attempt. Basically, Pokémon meets Resident Evil.

...yes, zombie Pokémon.
CHAOKOCartoons Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I remember that one, I like how silly it ended up getting, but it was ridiculously hard at points.
D-Rock92 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, those choices of starters didn't help on the difficulty. I ended up getting bored by the time I hit Dewford.

Maybe I should try it again.
MrNeonShot Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
that woulda been so cool
CrazyRatopia Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015
Oh man, this all sounds like it was pretty cool. Really worked out, I love the way all the sprites look!
Aquablast-Fon Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015
Well, it definitely sounds fun!
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